Welcome to our journey, where we invite you to delve into the origins of skateboarding and its humble beginnings. As youngsters, we didn’t  fortunate to have skate parks and modern ramps that exist today. Instead, we spent our summers constructing our own mini half-pipes, replicating designs we saw in skate magazines. Armed with hand tools passed down from our grandparents, we used whatever materials we could find, from pallets to reclaimed wood from abandoned factories and under-construction houses.

One of our biggest challenges was achieving a smooth finish on our ramps. However, with each passing year, we honed our skills and incorporated new materials like electrical tools, screws, and cost-effective plywood, resulting in more skateable and enjoyable ramps.

After completing an industrial design course in Lisbon and gaining experience in Barcelona, our passion for the sport intensified. Combining our love for skateboarding and surfing with our knowledge of design and manufacturing processes, we set out to create innovative and visually captivating products for our homes, families, and friends.

In 2011, along with two friends, the SUBA project was born from our burning desire to recapture the nostalgic essence of those early skateboarding days. Today, we take great pride in being a Portuguese brand that collaborates with local companies in the Oeste region, producing top-quality ramps and other skateboarding products that embody our unwavering passion for the sport.

Join us on our journey and experience the fulfillment of building your own ramp, while having a blast with SUBAramps.

Gonçalo Silva

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