Tested by a range of sport pro’s and enthusiasts, each ramp was designed in detail to provide safe and fun moments. We created products that inspire and support people to make a healthy lifestyle, more fun and sustainably. Several technical and endurance tests were conducted to create SUBA Ramps KIT which were specially designed for easy assembly and mobility. Quality construction, appealing design, innovation in detail the use and enjoyment were the standards that have guided the brand.


Environment and Waste-reducing 

SUBA Ramps is environmentally friendly and its design was conceived from the ground up to be produced with durable and reusable environmentally friendly materials. The production process was also optimized to respond sustainably to both the present and future environments challenges.

For sustainability reasons and surplus reduction, differences in wood shades, small cutting failures (CNC machining), wood knots in wooden beams and plywood are not considered defects, as long as it does not compromise the user’s resistance and safety during assembly and use. All packaging is made from surplus cardboard from a packaging factory.



SUBA Ramps are assembled using a quick and intuitive step-by-step process. The SUBA ramps KIT includes a set of pieces pre-cut and pre-drilled and comes with assembly accessories and an instruction booklet. Please follow the instruction guide to ensure the equipment is safe for use. A screwdriver, or preferably, an electric screwdriver will be necessary for the assembly. All our products can be assembled easily from 30 minutes up to two days, everything depends on the building know-how of each customer and helpers.


Production and Maintenance

SUBA ramps are made of unfinished birch plywood and solid pine beams, being more subject to wheel wear and degradation caused by aggressive outdoor environments. They should be stored in spaces interior or sheltered. In the event that they remain outside at all times, they should be covered with resistant duty tarp with UV- protection. When not in use, avoiding exposure to bad weather, as underlined and rain or other aggressive scenarios. 

In any case the ramp should be regularly watched and aired. 


What kind of paint should we use?

Today on the market there are several solutions, from epoxy paints to water-based paints, equally good.  The important thing is to choose a solution for wood and indoor or outdoor, water and humidity proof, with UV protection, and with greater resistance and durability. Do not use glossy finish. 

A good primer will increase the protection of wood, fungi and moisture. Varnishes and epoxy paints are more expensive and difficult to apply and more suitable for extreme climates, water-based paints are easier to apply. The important thing is to do regular maintenance and you will certainly have to replace some plates after a while. 

For greater durability of materials and customization of your ramp, should varnish or paint the full ramp with 2-3 coats of an exterior grade paint with a short coat roller.


Best location for your mini ramp? 

Concrete floor and interior space would be the best spot for your mini ramp. But ramps tend to get pretty big and backyards and fields end up being the only place large enough for them.

In order to improve air circulation and prevent moisture inside the ramp. Must and elevate and level the ramp with standard concrete block covers at all points of ramp intersection and flat bottom.  



Al products of SUBA ramps are subject to a high quality control. If the product has a manufacturing defect, the brand is responsible for the replacement of the part in question. SUBA ramps is not liable for damages caused by poor assembly or improper use of the ramp.



When practicing sports on ramps we strongly advise the use of protective gear: helmet, protective elbow and knee pads and gloves/wrist guards. Children should be supervised when using the ramps. The ramps are made with flammable materials, so we recommend appropriate fire prevention and safety measures.


Use and safety rules.

  • It´s strongly recommended the use of protective equipment while using the use of ramp (helmet, elbow, knee pads and wrist guard).
  • Any physical or material injury will be responsibility of the user.
  • Children should be supervised during the use of ramp.
  • Prohibited the permanence of people who are not practicing any sport.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcoholic on top and near the ramp.
  • Keep ramp clean and avoid accidents, place trash in the trash bin.
  • Have fun and share the ramp with other fiends.



Any questions regarding yours ramps, shipping… please do not hesitate to contact us:

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