Easy to Build, Fun to Ride!

Build... Breathe... Slide... Maneuver and have fun!

SUBA Ramps were designed to embody the free spirit of skateboarders, in-liners and BMX bikers… They come in several modules, are sold in KIT ramps, with step-by-step instructions and with accessories that make assembly accessible to all people and anywhere: in your garage, on the terrace or garden where you can practice many different tricks.
Having a SUBA Ramps at home is like having a private skate park where both children and adults can release adrenaline by practicing maneuver’s and progress in their sport, every minute of their free time. It’s also a good motive to invite friends and family to join in on the fun and share the excitement with each new trick!
“The concept of SUBA ramps is directed to beginners and amateurs and also enjoyed by professionals. Who ever dreamed to have a ramp in the garage or in the garden? The SUBA ramps are smooth and the daily practice enhances a rapid evolution and security in the tricks. Fun is guaranteed. “
SUBA ramps is a line of mini-ramps in kit format directed to all practitioners skate, inline and BMX. If it is true you do any urban structure a challenge, the SUBA ramps bring a new alternative: This spot … is yours! The answers to your training ambitions and fun.
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